Miss Teen India Bihar

 Location: Kolkata

 Expires on: 31-12-2021

 Opening: 01:01

 Closing: 23:58

 Sponser: Greatbright

 Registration Fee: 2000.00

 Ticket: Visit Link

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Miss Teen India Bihar

YASH MODELS Miss Teen India Contestant Eligibility

Yash Models Miss Teen India is a Beauty Contest that molds every Teen Girl’s individual persona. We nurture and better every young women’s confidence and help them develop excellent communication skills, fine etiquette, and manners, and thus in the process imbibe fashion style and grace.

The Final winner is one who exhibits excelled beauty, high moral and ethical standards, and who can speak intelligently about various issues concerning humanity and society. She will represent India in the International Teen Competition. 

In line with our plans to revolutionize and spice up the usually linear beauty pageantry.

Opportunities in various industries such as Movies, Fashion, TV and Media, Airlines, Hospitality, etc...,

How To Apply: Make a 30-sec video, Show us your catwalk, and talk two lines about your “ Hobby / Interest / Talent”. Upload the video to any video platform and submit the link (Eg. Youtube). *Note - Video can be captured even at home by your mobile phones.

Please Submit:
1) Three Recent Photographs ( 1 headshot, 1 mid-shot, and 1 full-length).
2) A 30 Sec Video Link. (Each for Talent, Ramp, and Introduction)

Contestant Eligibility:
1) Must be of 13 to 20 years of age.
2) Shall never have been married.
3) Must be an Indian citizen or descendant of Indian Origin Parents from Bihar states (even either of one of the Parent can be of Indian Origin).
4) Must have good moral character and possess poise, personality, and beauty of face and figure.