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5 popular Celeb approved fashion trends of Bollywood

Neon Magic

Neon colours have been a constant throughout last year, be it runways or the various looks sported by several Bollywood leading ladies. It is a sure shot successful trend that is most likely to be carried forward in 2021 too.

10 Bollywood trendsetters who have nailed 'Neon'

A plethora of celebrities seems to be a part of this neon colour palette for quite some time now – be it Deepika Padukone’s OTT Giambattista Valli tulle neon green gown at Cannes or the Retrofête skirt sported by Kareena Kapoor Khan for her radio show. Even the young stars like Jahnvi Kapoor in her neon green cut-out sweater look or Ananya Panday in her ruched mini neon green dress – they all seem to be a part of this bandwagon and it’s a quirky colour trend to continue with.