Tanveer Akhter Khan

Fashion Consultant and Casting Director
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How to Find a Good Producer for Your Film + TV Project

What does a producer do?

Most people assume the producer is responsible for the financial side of any film or TV project – and while that’s true, a producer can also be one of its most important creative forces. Essentially, the producer drives a project from start to finish – they’ll be a passionate advocate for the work, they’ll hire and fire, and oversee the various elements to ensure the work is as good as it can possibly be. A good piece of film or television almost always has a talented and relentless producer.   

The producer in both TV and film is the production’s cheerleader-in-chief, leading the team from the front. A great producer is enthusiastic and across everything, big and small. They need to spot problems before they happen, enable creativity, understand logistics, and keep a sharp eye on the finances. They have a legal responsibility regarding on-set health and safety for the crew, so their job truly matters. The producer is the person people come to when they’ve got problems that need solving – they’re where the buck stops.