Christian Valera

Author at Zenger News
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Katherine Oliveira journey To Become A Pageant Winner In Venezuela

Though Venezuela is the 50th-largest nation by population (about 28 million people), the South American country has won the most major beauty pageants, with a total of 24 “big four” wins, according to Statistic. (Tied for second, at 15 wins apiece, are two countries with far larger populations: the Philippines and the U.S.)

Taking top honors in such competitions involves many preparations and struggles that are not seen through the lens of any television show. Venezuela is full of women who try out their luck in such pageants.

Among those who made it to the top is Katherine Oliveira. Before ending her career in such competitions, Oliveira won the Miss Venezuela crown in 2015, as well as being named “Miss Photogenic” and “Miss Sunrise.” She represented the Capital District in that national competition.

“I always loved modeling,” she said. “I started taking classes at 9 years old, and at 13, I was already doing my first pageant. From then on, I dreamt of being Miss Venezuela, which is the most important contest in my country.”

Just like Oliveira, thousands of Venezuelan girls dream, year after year, of reaching the national contest. In most cases, it leads to professional success, due to the exposure they receive and the discipline they display. Indeed, to win the grand prize in any pageant, participants must forge a strong discipline, character, personality, and maturity.