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Miss Jharkhand model Surbhi Singh walk the ramp on a garbage dump in Ranchi! but Why?

Model Surbhi Singh, who was Miss Jharkhand, suddenly started walking on a pile of garbage on Monday. People were surprised to see her doing this. When Surbhi walked the ramp on the mountain of garbage, her photographer Pranjal filmed it from a height of about 210 feet with a drone camera and also took pictures from the camera. The shoot went on for about half an hour. During this, Surbhi kept walking the ramp over the garbage wearing a red dress.

Actually, the waste of the capital of Jharkhand Ranchi is thrown in Jhiri. A mountain of garbage has become in Jhiri. When Jhiri comes while passing through Ring Road of Ranchi, people have to bear the stench of garbage. People present in cars and other vehicles close the mirror to avoid the smell. To make Jhiri’s problem common, fashion model Surbhi Singh, who was Miss Jharkhand, did a catwalk here and made a video.


A mountain of garbage has stood in the ring road

Pranjal told that often when we passed through the ring road in the car, we had to close the glasses near Jhiri. Even then the smell still lingers. A handkerchief has to be kept on the face, while only greenery is seen around the rest of the ring road. At the same time, a mountain of garbage is visible while passing through Jhiri. This bothers me a lot. How pollution is spreading due to the waste coming out of our homes. A large population living around Jhiri has to bear the brunt of it daily. The lives of the people living in the village are being ruined by the waste of the capital. His health is being affected.