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DIY Skincare By Celebs For Healthy Skin

Be it testing culinary skills. Indulging in old hobbies. Exercising regularly to stay fit and healthy. Or experimenting with skincare products in order to get the glow like that of Bollywood actresses. With no salon and spa visits, almost everyone misses their beauty pampering sessions.

This has taken a major toll on our skin and hair. It is important, now more than ever, to take care of your skin and hair at home. Moreover, self-indulgence is the best way to spend the extra time you have on your hands. Here are some celebrities, who share their beauty tricks and tips during the quarantine. From a hair mask to removing gel manicure, take inspiration from these celebs, Trying out several activities in quarantine.


Ananya Pandey’s Face Mask


Ananya shared her mother’s face mask recipe containing just three simple kitchen ingredients; Yogurt, Turmeric, and Honey. When applied for 15 minutes, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in turmeric can do wonders for your skin. It helps to reduce skin irritation and treat acne and scars.

Description: Ananya Panday's Favourite Natural Face Pack And Scrub For Glowing Skin


“But when it comes to her skincare routine, she's happy to stick to the classics. “I wash my face three times a day and I make sure that I always take off my makeup before I sleep. I put a lot of moisturizer, sunscreen, and eye cream and I also sprinkle a lot of rose water on my face”




Malaika Arora’s Beauty Secrets


One natural ingredient that Malaika swears by is aloe vera gel. The actress has a plant in her home garden. She takes out fresh aloe vera gel, cuts a piece from the aloe leaf, and scoops out the gooey goodness.


Description: Quarantine Beauty Ritual: Here is How to Get Flawless Skin Like Malaika  Arora

She applies this on her face and leaves it for a while and rinses. The gel acts as a cooling mask and even agrees with most skin types.

Malaika is a health freak. The actress has a balanced diet and is an advocate for yoga. She often shares photos of her workout sessions and never seems to miss a day of sweating it out.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s Oatmeal DIY


Chopra says “I indulge in a fantastic homemade yogurt facial. I whip it up by mixing equal parts of yogurt and oatmeal (1-2 tablespoons each) with turmeric (1-2 teaspoons). I apply and leave it on for half an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water.


Description: Birthday Special: Priyanka Chopra Uses This Ubtan And Lip Scrub For Her  Flawless Skin, Smooth Lips



bathing with Greek yogurt. It’s really hydrating. If you’re in the shower, just rub it into your body like you would soap, then step out of the shower, let it sit for three minutes, and wash it off. If you rub it into your scalp, it will even heal dandruff.

The yogurt brightens the skin and takes away all the dullness,” “Coconut oil for hair. It works gorgeously on me,”


Katrina Kaif’s Ice Pack


Katrina is pretty stringent about her cleansing routine because she always removes her makeup, “I follow this routine where I hydrate my skin before I go to bed every night after taking my makeup off.” In case you didn’t know, our skin produces oil and bacteria throughout the day, making it crucial for us to cleanse before bed. If we don’t do this, our skin breaks out or becomes rough thanks to the buildup. “I use a lot of Acai berry supplements to keep my skin healthy.

Plus, I have wheatgrass every day as a drink, and I’m trying to give myself an antioxidant boost with green tea just to break my coffee habit. I am on a macrobiotic raw food diet, and it has done wonders for me.” says Katrina.


Description: Katrina Kaif's Beauty Tips That You Should Definitely Know - YouTube


Ice has hydrating properties, which helps in easing out burning sensation, closing the pores, and also helps in giving skin a natural glow. It is basically frozen water, has naturally hydrating properties, and hence it helps in giving a natural boost of freshness to the skin. It gives a clean and radiant face. This is a great practice to do in summers as it helps in amping up our skincare regimen.


Shruthi Haasan’s Strawberry Mask


Shruti Haasan is blessed with glowing skin. She also swears by some homemade masks to look this beautiful. The actress, in an interview, opened up about what she does to maintain the glow on her face intact.


Description: Shruti Haasan goes crazy


Mash 1-2 strawberries and mix some honey on them. Apply this yummy mask on your face if you need that instant glow!  “Coconut oil for the hair and natural masks for the face. And one thing that I really really swear by, I don’t know if it suits every skin type, but it works wonders for me. That is I mix coconut oil and baking soda and I use it as a face scrub.



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