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Celebs who Embraced their Flaws with Ultimate Perfection

These celebrities are speaking out against that perception by getting brutally honest about their tiger stripes and "cellulite lightning bolts," sharing candid photos of what their bodies really look like — without Photoshop. And they're not ashamed in the slightest.


The model, 33, who welcomed her son Isaac in January 2020, also discussed life as a new mom declaring that raising her little boy during the Covid pandemic has shown her she's 'fearless' in a new interview NET-A-PORTER’s digital title, Porter.

And speaking about increasing body positivity online, Ashley said she doesn't 'post herself half-naked to get likes' on Instagram but to show having 'side butt' is normal. Ashley Graham has reflected on accepting her post-pregnancy figure, saying she's been on a 'journey to becoming 'okay' with her new shape.

Ashley Graham embraces her stretch marks in new Swimsuits For All campaign

People will tell you this lie when you get pregnant, which is that the weight falls off when you breastfeed. But it's a lie! I've had to go through a different body journey, post-pregnancy – just understanding her and being okay with her.' 

Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Has Been Shamed Over Weight LossAshley also admitted that she feels she has unlocked a new level of calmness since having Isaac and no longer 'sweats the small stuff.

She said: 'I've always kind of lived bravely and fearlessly, but through my home birth and raising him in this pandemic, it's like, oh yeah, I guess I am pretty fearless. It just feels good.' 


She is noticeable for her big nose, but this didn’t stop her from becoming a very successful model and host of Project Runway Australia. She also signed a contract with Sports Illustrated, participated in Victoria’s Secret catalog photoshoots, and began a career as a TV host. By the standards of the fashion world, Kristy Hinze has a rather big nose.

Victoria's Secret Models: Kristy Hinze, Australian KnockoutBut this facial feature didn’t stand in her way when she made it to the cover of Australian Vogue as the youngest model. She also signed a contract with Sports Illustrated, participated in Victoria’s Secret catalog photoshoots, and began a career as a TV host. 38-year-old Australia-based model Kristy Hinze became contracted to Vogue Australia at the age of 14 years old in 1994.


Diagnosed at age 19 with the autoimmune disorder, Rice, now 31, spent the start of her modeling career worried about her skin.

“In the last couple years, I decided I didn’t want to feel like this anymore,” she tells PEOPLE. “I spent my 20s feeling insecure and basing my self-worth on how I looked, and I didn’t want to look in the mirror and worry about not having perfect skin.”