⚜ Passion

Posted : 12-08-2022Posted By : Yash models

This feature is about a male/female relationship between 2 toxic people. There is no nudity in this film, but there is a degree of eroticism which may not be comfortable for some. Please take the time to read the character description and sides prior to application. All applicants must be adults. Certified intimacy coordinator will be utilized to oversee any simulated scenes involving physicality or intimacy.

➥ Expires on: 19 May, 2023      ➥ Gender: Female      ➥ Age: 18+

➥ Casting Roles: Actors and performers      ➥ Required Experience: Any

➥ Compensation: No      ➥ Nudity: No

➥ Location: Country ➧  SingaporeState ➧  Central regionCity ➧  Woodlands

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