⚜ Lead Actress in Mumbai | Casting for Broken but Beautiful

Posted : 02-09-2020Posted By : Yash Models

We need an actress for our client from the UK, shoot will be in India.
I am sharing a character brief with you for the female lead and the story synopsis. Please give it a read and let me know what you think and share your roster (if you could share Instagram handles that'll be great) on the basis of the same. We will shortlist at the earliest and share an audition script with you.

Myra comes from an affluent background, a woman with pedigree-money, looks, class - but likes to live free. She is honest, yet manipulative. She doesn't shy away from rubbing her status in the society in anyone's face - be it the clothes she wears or her attitude. She is rich and arrogant. When she walks into a room, she owns it. She hates the crowd-pleasing suck-ups around her, which attracts her towards Agastya. Her impulse drives her towards Agastya while she chooses the security of status which only Ishaan can give her. She knows Ishan is the one for her and only he could give her the life she wants. Beneath this hard-core surface, there is a side to her where she isn’t feisty and nonchalant but is lost and vulnerable. She wants to be the center of attention constantly, which stems from her insecurities and the protected environment she has been raised in.

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➥ Expires on: 15 Sep, 2021      ➥ Gender: Female      ➥ Age: 18-26

➥ Casting Roles: Lead Actress      ➥ Required Experience: Any

➥ Compensation: YES      ➥ Nudity: No

➥ Location: Country ➧  MumbaiState ➧  MaharastraCity ➧  India

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