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Offbeat Vogue by Bollywood Dapper man- Ranveer Singh

He sometimes looked like a Gucci showroom. His coloured glasses, his mohawks, neon, flashy tracksuits and hoodies gave Karan Johar a completely new look. He was a typical Bandra boy who was desperate to become a star and there is no way he would have taken any chances with outlandish outfits 'killer' looks. In fact, if you go through his old pictures, he looked like the guy next door wearing regular T-shirts, shirts and a regular hairstyle. I think Ranveer’s experimentation started with his moustache when he turned it into the handlebar moustache.

Ranveer Singh recreates '70s style in a quirky outfit by Sabyasachi & makes  a statement in contrasting prints | PINKVILLA

 Guys in the office, guys at nightclubs and the teenagers were desperate to grow some hair so they could grow the famous Ranveer moustache. Then came the long hair and the crazy mohawks and Ranveer was being noticed and admired for his looks and not just his acting skills. This perhaps encouraged Ranveer to unleash his wild side that was so far hidden.

Ranveer Singh's latest look could be his most shocking yet, fans are  excited for the memes | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

 He wore the male version of a skirt. People laughed but suddenly every fashion designer had star muses walking the ramp in skirts. From Sidharth Malhotra to even a serious actor like Irrfan Khan, they were wearing skirts and angrakhas, which Ranveer had already popularised by then. His purple suit that he wore for the condom ad again was a head turner and there was no turning back.

Ranveer Singh takes his style a notch higher in these latest Instagram  photos! | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

 He came to promotional events and fashion awards in pyjamas and multi-coloured outfits, which no man would think a man could get away with. He shocked the media when he showed up in a jumpsuit brandishing the four-letter word on his chest.

He was ofter trolled by the media and Instagrammers who made fun of his dressing and style but he barely cared and was bold to style and walk in his own fashion sense

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His hot pink leopard blazer and his green brocade sherwani with matching shoes couldn’t be ignored. Ranveer taught the film industry to wear Kolhapuri chappals with formal suits.Since he was shooting for a film, he wore the moustache for a few months.

Birthday Special: Fashion Moments of Ranveer Singh; weird or not, the actor  doesn't care! - News Indagar

 Girls loved it and men fell in love with it too. Suddenly the handlebar was everywhere.Suddenly, from hating it people were loving his quirkiness. While people focussed on what Ranveer would wear next, no one noticed that certain stars had changed their wardrobes. Look at Karan Johar’s pictures from the mid-2000s. He was sober though stylish.

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It was only after his third or fourth film that he started experimenting with his wardrobe and looks. Basic suits paved way for quirkier outfits such as dhotis, lungis, skirts with bandhgala jackets, long kurtas and puffed sleeved shirts with high-waisted pants. Frankly, no matter how absurd or unusual his fashion choices may seem, somehow, he manages to carry them quite well.